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Resize partition for windows 7

  • When a certain partition of Windows 7 is out of space or owns superabundant free space, users need to resize partition for Windows 7 reasonably if they want to make Windows 7 partition meet demands for data storage better. Well then, how can users who are not very familiar with professional knowledge of computer resize partition for Windows 7? Maybe, a lot of users resort to system built-in disk management tool which provides users with functions of resizing partition. Nevertheless, as Windows 7 built-in disk management tool has defects in resizing partition (1. can only resize NTFS partition. 2. can only resize partition towards prescribed direction), it can not meet actual demands for resizing partition. However, users also do not need to worry about this problem, because third-party partition magic can help resize partition for Windows 7 more reasonably.

    How to resize partition for Windows 7 by using third-party partition magic?
    Since third-party partition magic is not system built-in tool, users should download and install it to computer at first. If users do not own such a partition magic, please visit to download it. After running partition magic and selecting the partition which needs managing, we can see multiple partition management functions such as format partition, delete partition, resize partition, move partition, extend partition, and copy partition. To resize partition for Windows 7, users need to select the partition which needs resizing and click the functional button "Move/Resize" from toolbar like the following interface shows:

    In the popup resizing interface, users can resize partition for Windows 7 by dragging triangles on both sides of partition handle.

    After getting desired partition size, users need to click "OK" button to go back to main interface. At last, click "Apply" button to apply all changes to computer. After application, partition magic helps resize partition for Windows 7 successfully.

    Do you want to resize partition for Windows 7 reasonably by yourself? Are you worried about security in the process of resizing partition? Now, hurry to download a partition magic for Windows 7. It can help resize partition for Windows 7 without bringing any bad influence.