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Resize partition for Windows 7

  • When low disk space or disk space waste happens in Windows 7 partition, reasonable Windows 7 partition resize undoubtedly becomes the best choice to make Windows 7 partition better meet users' data storage requirements. However, how should users do to resize partition for Windows 7 by themselves if they don't know much professional knowledge of computer? It is believed to be a big problem that bothers a large number of Windows 7 users. Some users may choose to resize partition by using system built-in disk management tool, but functions of resizing partition only work to NTFS partition and can only operate the back of one partition. Therefore, it can hardly meet users' actual needs for Windows 7 partition resize. However, users needn't to worry about this because they can resize partition for Windows 7 more reasonably with the help of third-party Windows 7 partition magic.

    How to use third-party Windows 7 partition magic to resize partition for Windows 7?
    Since the third-party Windows 7 partition magic is not built in operating system, users should firstly download and install the partition resize software to computer if users want to resize partition for Windows 7 by taking advantage of its powerful partition management functions. Users who haven't install Windows 7 partition magic can visit to download the partition resize software. After installation, run it to see various partition management functions, such as Format Partition, Delete Partition, Move/Resize Partition, Extend Partition, and Copy Partition. If users want to finish Windows 7 partition resize quickly and efficiently, they need to select the partition which needs resizing and click "Move/Resize" button, as shown below:

    Users can drag triangles on both sides of partition handle to change the length of partition handle according to their actual situations so as to resize partition for Windows 7:

    After finishing Windows 7 partition resize, users should click "OK" button to go back to main interface. Then, click "Apply" button to finish all Windows 7 partition resize work.

    Do you want to reasonably resize partition for Windows 7 by yourselves? Are you still worried about data security in the process of Windows 7 partition resize? Download Windows 7 partition magic immediately and it can help you easily resize partition for Windows 7 without bringing any damage to original data.