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Free partition manager windows 7

  • How to carry out free partition management on Windows 7? This is a problem many users are annoyed at. Actually, free Windows 7 partition management is not as difficult as imagine. Compared with previous Windows XP, Windows 7 improves much in disk management tool's functions. It is able to help users carry out some basic partition management operations, for example, deleting partition, formatting partition, creating partition, extending partition, and shrinking partition. However, if users want to carry out some advanced operations, we suggest the free partition manager for Windows 7 which is downloaded from It can manage partitions on Windows 7 quickly and effectively.

    Advantages of the free Windows 7 partition manager
    Compared with other Windows 7 partition management methods, the recommended free Windows 7 partition manager is able to reduce cost and more reliable and securer. It can meet users' common demands for partition management because it provides free services and manages partitions in many situations without damaging partition data, for example, resizing partition, moving partition, extending partition, copying partition, hiding partition and changing cluster size. Then take extending partition on Windows 7; we'll demonstrate its operation, in a bid to make users have a further understanding.

    Extending partition on Widows 7
    Before Windows 7 partition management, please download and install the free partition manger for Windows 7. Then launch it and we'll see its main interface.

    Select the partition to be extended and click "Extend Partition" function under "Operations" column. The following interface will pop up.

    Select a partition where the free space will be taken in the drop-down list and then drag the button bellow to resize partitions. Then click "OK" button to go back to the main interface.

    Click "Apply" to finish extending Windows 7 partition,

    Extending partition is only one of functions of the free partition manager. If you want to get more function information, please visit other pages of the website.