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Create, delete and format partion with simple steps.
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Windows 7 partition manager

  • Maybe many Windows 7 users have found that the system built-in disk management tool of Windows 7 operating system has been greatly improved than the one in Windows XP. But obviously, this tool still is not enough for forming perfect partition management in Windows 7, because it only offers user basic management functions. Even though it is added with new functions of extend partition and shrink partition, these two functions are rather limited that they only allow user to operate with the end part of target partition. In most cases, these functions are meaningless. What we need is a piece of professional Windows 7 partition manager.
    Professional partition manager has rather powerful partition management functions, and is easy-to-use. For example, user can employ partition manager to resize partition more flexibly than system built-in disk management tool. User can freely extend partition or shrink partition at the both ends of target partition. Windows 7 partition manager also allows user to move partition. Next, let me show you Windows 7 partition manager in detail.

    Windows 7 partition manager resizes partition flexibly

    First, we need to download this Windows 7 partition manager from and install it to computer. Then launch it to enter main interface as the following picture shows:

    In this interface, we can check disks and partitions' condition. Select target partition to resize, and click on "Move/Resize" button:

    In this interface, drag the black triangle at the end of partition handle to resize partition, or drag the whole partition handle to move partition. After that, click "OK" button to return:

    Back to main interface, we will find the target partition has been resized. There is one pending operation shown in "Operations Pending" area. Click "Apply" button to execute operations. Thus, we can finish the work of resizing partition in Windows 7 with partition manager.
    With such simple operations, we can realize effective operation of resizing partition with Windows 7 partition manager. If you are looking for a solution to resizing partition more flexibly, try this Windows 7 partition manager now.