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Server partition magic windows

  • It is believed that many users once performed Extend Partition on Windows Server 2003. When Windows Server 2003 partition is running out of space, especially the system partition, you will encounter troubles in the data storage work, even slow Server operating speed and computer crash. Many users are unwilling to face such kind of result, so they find the best solution – timely and efficiently completing Extend Partition for Windows Server 2003 partition. However, how to extend partition while Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool has no Extend Volume function? Different users adopt different solutions. For instance, using "Diskpart" command prompt tool or Server 2003 partition magic Windows. How to make choice when the partition to extend is not adjacent with unallocated space?

    Extend partition with "Diskpart" command prompt tool

    As everybody knows, the operator using "Diskpart" command prompt tool to extend partition should have certain professional computer knowledge, because you need to enter corresponding command prompts in its interface as shown below.

    However, when the partition to extend is not adjacent with unallocated space, you can't extend partition for Windows Server 2003 with "Diskpart" command prompt tool. Under such kind of situation, another way is simple and practical – using Server partition magic Windows to extend partition.

    Extend partition with Server partition magic Windows
    If you already have Server partition magic Windows in your computer, start it to see this interface.

    Here, choose the partition to extend and click "Extend Partition".

    Select the unallocated space which will be used to extend partition and then drag the handle to resize the partition to extend and unallocated space. After that, click "OK" to return to the main interface and click "Apply".

    As shown by the main interface of this Server partition magic Windows, this Server partition magic Windows has very powerful partition management functions which can easily complete almost all partition management operations. If you want to know more details of this Server partition magic Windows, please visit