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Extend partition with one step
Resize/Move partition without data loss.
Create, delete and format partion with simple steps.
Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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  • In today's world where computer technology develops rapidly, much software which can help users solve practical problems emerges on the network, and disk manager is one of them. Disk manager provides users with comprehensive disk management functions. In the process of using computer, if we need to perform better disk management, we can download disk manager from the network to help us. Thus, we can accomplish disk management more easily and freely. Nevertheless, since many inferior disk managers appear, it is more and more difficult to find a desired and excellent disk manager although there are more and more disk managers. Therefore, many users give up looking for excellent disk manager and download disk manager casually. However, if we download an inferior disk manager and use it to manage disk, we may get unexpected result.
    As inferior disk manager has many defects in function and security, it may cause many serious consequences if we use it, such as data loss resulting from mistaken data deletion, partition deletion or partition damage. In order to let users download disk manager more conveniently and safely, the website Partition Manager Software has collected many popular disk managers, such as MiniTool Partition Wizard, a pretty excellent disk manager.

    Safe and reliable disk manager - MiniTool Partition Wizard
    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a multi-functional disk manager developed by the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., and it not only has comprehensive disk management functions and dynamic disk management functions, such as create partition, format partition, delete partition, copy partition, rebuild MBR, copy disk, wipe partition, change volume label, and change cluster size, but also has extremely powerful compatibility, supporting various commonly seen Windows operating systems and file systems. More importantly, this disk manager has quite powerful data protection competence and can protect data when sudden power failure or hardware fault emerges, avoiding data loss. If you want to know more details of this disk manager, please visit or its official website.

    The data protection of MiniTool Partition Wizard
    Just now, we said MiniTool Partition Wizard has extremely powerful data protection competence, and this competence is displayed in the process of operation. When power failure happens suddenly, its power-off protection will start automatically. In addition, it also has easy operation and preview function, reducing the loss of important data caused by mistaken operation to the largest extent. More importantly, enhanced data protection is added to its functions, such as the function "Move/Resize". After we select any partition in the main interface of this disk manager and click "Move/Resize" functional button, we will enter its resizing interface. Operate as the following interface shows:

    Then, we will see the enhanced data protection mode. If we do not have special requirement, we are supposed to keep it checked.

    Next, after resizing partition or moving partition by changing the length or position of the partition handle or inputting corresponding value in the bottom input box, we click "OK" to go back to the main interface. Then, we can preview the result, like the following interface shows:

    In the main interface, we can see the adjusted partition condition and disk condition (here, we extended partition). If the result is expected, please click "Apply" to perform former operations. Then, the adjustment is finished.

    From the above demonstrations, we can see preview function, enhanced data protection mode, and other data protection of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Since the power-off protection is added, this disk manager can ensure data safety absolutely. If you want to download this disk manager or know more disk managers, welcome to the website of Partition Manager Software.