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Free Windows 7 partition magic

  • Do you want to free manage Windows 7 partition effectively? How can users who are not very familiar with professional knowledge of computer complete Windows 7 partition management better? It is believed that many users want to get the answer. If users are looking for a simple but effective method for free Windows 7 partition management, read the following content carefully. In the following content, you will be told a quite simple but practical way to manage Windows 7 partition, which can help complete almost all commonly seen Windows 7 partition management.

    Free and practical method for Windows 7 partition management
    Actually, method introduced here is using powerful free Windows 7 partition magic to manage Windows 7 partition timely and effectively. Though free Windows 7 partition magic is a piece of freeware, it owns powerful partition management competence which is superior to much chargeable partition magic. It can help complete almost all Windows 7 partition management, such as move partition, resize partition, copy partition, convert file system, and wipe partition. Here, we take extending Windows 7 partition for example to show how to operate this software.

    Extend Windows 7 partition by using free Windows 7 partition magic
    Free Windows 7 partition magic requires extremely simple operations but owns pretty powerful functions. It can help complete commonly seen Windows 7 partition management easily even if users know nothing about professional knowledge of computer. After users launch the free Windows 7 partition magic successfully and select the partition which needs extending, all performable partition management functions will appear in "Operations" column. To extend Windows 7 partition, please select the function "Extend Partition", like the following interface shows:

    Then, choose a partition or unallocated space to take free space which will be used to extend Windows 7 partition and drag sliding button to decide how much free space to take. After that, click "OK" button to go back to main interface.

    In the main interface, please click the functional button "Apply" to apply all changes to computer.

    After seeing the above demonstration, users would be attracted by free Windows 7 partition magic. Now, visit to download excellent Windows 7 partition magic.