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Resize hard disk

  • When we install games, the system may prompt the partition runs out of space. Or hard disk space can not meet users' storage demands with the increase of web service and operating system data base. Most of the time, this kind of partition problem is caused by partition space insufficiency which results from partitioning hard disk unreasonably. When this phenomenon emerges, there is a need to redistribute hard disk space. If a single partition is out of space, it is quite unnecessary to adjust the whole hard disk. Under this situation, we only need to resize this single partition or two partitions. There are many ways to resize hard disk partition, so the problem which one is more reasonable becomes a headache.

    Ways to resize hard disk partition
    Aiming at different situations, users can select corresponding ways which may bring same effects. However, problems emerging in the process of resizing hard disk partition are quite different.
    1. Adjust the whole hard disk: this method is rarely used unless big partition problems emerge on the whole hard disk. Generally, to adopt this method, we need to format the whole disk at first, which may cause all data to be lost, including operating system. Since this method will bring users not only much many troubles but also extremely serious data disaster, it will not be employed in general situation.

    2. Resize hard disk partition with Windows built-in disk management tool: most users employ this method. Steps are as follows: delete a partition to create a larger one if there is unallocated space next to it. However, data stored on this partition will be lost. Besides, if there is no unallocated space next to desired partition, we have to delete 2 or more partitions, bringing more data losses. Under latest Windows operating systems, many users may resize hard disk partition with the help of the function Extend/Shrink Volume of system built-in disk management tool, but users who have used this function know this function can but shrink partition forwards and extend partition backwards. It is much inconvenient. Therefore, this method can not help us get satisfying effect.

    3. Use partition magic manager to resize hard disk partition: this is the best method. However, the quality of the software directly affects recovery effect. So, when selecting partition magic manager, we should be extremely cautious. Among numerous partition magic managers, undoubtedly, MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best one. At first, this partition magic manger provides home users with free edition. Without costing any money, users can resize hard disk partition successfully. Secondly, it can help us resize hard disk partition without bringing any damage to data. At last, powerful functions and easy operating steps help users who know nothing about hard disk knowledge resize hard disk partition easily.

    Resize hard disk partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    Firstly, download and install this partition magic manager.
    Then, run it to resize hard disk partition.

    In the above main interface, we can see various kinds of functions such as copy partition, create partition, change drive letter, and merge partitions. To resize hard disk partition, please select "Move/Resize Partition" button in action panel.

    Next, drag black triangles on both sides of the partition handle or input exact value to resize hard disk partition, and then click "OK".

    After going back to the main interface, remember to click "Apply" to perform previous operations. When the partition magic manager applies all operations, we can say we are successful to resize hard disk partition.
    It is so easy to resize hard disk partition with the partition magic manager MiniTool Partition Wizard. Of course, as a professional partition magic manager, it also has many other powerful functions which are waiting for you. Do you want to get more details? Do you want to experience these functions? Please visit