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Windows XP partition manager

  • Under Windows XP, system built-in disk management tool is not enough to accomplish comprehensive partition management, because this tool has many defects and can only realize the most rudimentary partition management. And many operations like resize partition and merge partitions can not be realized by using this tool. Therefore, most users resort to professional Windows XP partition manager to perform all-sided partition management. Professional partition manager can realize scores of partition management so as to solve commonly seen problems of partition management. In addition, excellent operability makes every computer user accomplish partition management magically without knowing professional knowledge. Furthermore, power-off protection and data protecting mode can protect data to the largest extent, avoiding partition damage or data damage effectively. Moreover, common users can own it without costing any money. It is very economical and practical. Partition manager is the best choice for Windows partition management. Maybe, description is not enough to show magical functions of Windows XP partition manager. Now, let me use it to manage partition.

    Partition management
    Before using the Windows XP partition manager, users should download it from After installation, please run it to open its main interface:

    Now, we can see numerous functions in "Operations" area, which shows the partition manager has all-sided partition management competence. In order to help users further understand the partition manager, I will take resizing partition for example.
    To resize partition, please select the partition which needs resizing and click "Move/Resize" button. Then, the following interface will appear:

    Here, users can drag triangles on both edges of partition handle to resize partition, and then click "OK" to return to main interface:

    In the main interface, we can see changes made just now. If these changes are correct, users need to click "Apply" button to apply all operations to computer.
    Now, all of you should believe it is easy to resize partition in Windows XP. Of course, the Windows XP partition manager can accomplish other partition management easily, too. If you want to get other functional information, view other content.