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Create Scenario: To create a primary partition for Windows NT

  • One 3 GB hard disk containing one active primary FAT32 partition (C:) running Windows 98.

    For this scenario, you want to resize drive C: smaller. In the newly created free space, you will create a primary FAT partition where Windows NT can be installed. At the end of this scenario, your disk map will appear (approximately) like this.

    1. Resize drive C: smaller by 780 GB.
    The partition where you want to install Windows NT must begin in the first 2 GB of the disk, or Windows NT will not be bootable. You may need to move your existing partition to the end of the disk, then create the Windows NT partition at the beginning of the disk. The arrow markers on the disk map, delimit the 2GB boundary of the hard disk.
    2. Create a primary partition in the free space using the following information:

    Option Action

    Partition type

     Select FAT

     Do not select FAT32 unless you are using Windows  2000/XP. Earlier versions do not recognize FAT32  partitions. Also, do not select NTFS. When you install  Windows NT, you can convert the partition to NTFS

    Label (optional) Specify the label or name of the partition
    Size Size Type 1250

    Before performing the next step, make sure you have the Windows NT installation CD and disks; otherwise, you will not be able to boot your computer.
    3. Set the new partition active.
    4. Apply the changes to your system.
    Before installing Windows NT, make sure that all partitions end prior to cylinder 1024. Otherwise, Windows NT will not install and will report that all the partitions are corrupted. If you cannot resize and move all partitions, you must obtain updated drivers from Microsoft (see article ID: Q197667 on the Microsoft web site).
    5. Reboot the computer using the first Windows NT installation disk.
    6. Complete the Windows NT installation.
    PowerQuest technical support does not help install operating systems. See your operating system documentation for details.
    7. Add Windows NT to your BootMagic configuration so that each time you start or restart your computer, you can select the operating system you want to boot.

    When the computer restarts, BootMagic presents a list of the available operating systems, in this case, Windows 98 and Windows NT. Select the operating system you want to boot.

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