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About Split

  • Use Split to divide a FAT or FAT32 partition into two contiguous partitions: a "parent" partition (which is the original partition) and a new "child" partition. The new partition is created to the right of the original partition; the parent and child partitions together occupy the same amount of hard disk space as the original partition. The file system for the child partition does not change. For example, if you had a 2 GB FAT partition and you split it, the parent and child partitions together would use 2 GB and both would be FAT partitions.

    When you split a partition, you can select the files and folders that you want the new partition to include. You can also give the new partition a name (label), specify whether the new partition is primary or logical, and specify the new size of the partition.
    The Split operation is designed to move data files, not system files. You should not move folders from the operating system partition (usually C:) to the new partition unless they ONLY include data files. If you copy a folder that is used by the operating system (such as C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents), you may be prompted to reboot your computer an extra time for Windows to apply the changes or Windows may not allow you to split the partition. If Windows allows you to move a standard folder, you will need to redirect files to the new partition from within the applications that used the original partition.

    The size of the new partition is based on the minimum possible size and the total byte size of the files you are adding to the new partition. Any remaining free space is split proportionally between the parent and child partitions according to the data in both partitions. For example, if the two partitions used 2 GB and you included 700 MB of data in the parent partition and 300 MB of data on the child partition, you would have 1 GB of free space available; the parent partition would get 700 MB of unused space, and the child partition would get 300 MB of unused space.

    Both the parent and child partitions must be at least 40 MB. On hard disks larger than 4 GB, PartitionMagic will round up the size of the partition to at least 47 MB. You can split a partition if it is 100 MB or larger.
    PowerQuest does not recommend splitting your operating system partition or moving your Windows folders or program files into the new partition.
    To split a partition

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