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About Undelete

  • Use Undelete to restore partitions that have been deleted on a hard disk. You can undelete FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux partitions. Undelete works best when you use it to restore a partition that you just deleted by accident.
    Important: You can undelete a partition only if no other operations are pending on the selected unallocated space. If any operations are pending, the undelete icon and menu option will be dimmed (unavailable).
    All partitions that can be undeleted may not be listed at the same time. For example, if your hard disk had three primary partitions and all three were deleted, you would only see the first partition listed the first time you used the Undelete feature. However, after you apply the Undelete operation on the first (active) partition, you can run the Undelete feature again and the remaining two partitions will be listed.

    Restrictions on Undeleting Partitions
    There are some situations in which a partition that has been deleted cannot be undeleted and will not be displayed in the Undelete dialog box. They include the following:

    1. You cannot undelete a primary partition if your hard disk contains four primary partitions.
    2. You cannot undelete a logical partition that was deleted and now is not within the extended partition.
    3. You cannot undelete a primary partition that was deleted and now is within the extended partition.
    4. The partition includes file system errors. If PartitionMagic finds a partition to undelete, it will check for errors before undeleting it. If the partition has errors, it cannot be undeleted.
    5. You cannot undelete a partition that has been completely or partially overwritten by another partition or file system. Because of this limitation, if you see two partitions in the Undelete dialog and undelete one of them, the other may no longer appear in the list.
    6. If two deleted partitions claim some of the same disk space, PowerQuest cannot guarantee the integrity of the data in those partitions when they are undeleted.
    For example, suppose you had a 500 MB partition (E:) and another 500 MB partition (F:) and you deleted F: and resized E: to claim all the space (1 GB). Then you saved data to E:. Later, you deleted E:. Now you want to undelete partitions, and you can see both E: and F: in the Undelete dialog box. You restore E: and F: is no longer displayed in the Undelete dialog box (because its space has been claimed). However, if you restore F:, you may get some of the data that you had saved to E:. Undeleting F: could make your computer unbootable or cause applications not to run.

    To undelete a partition

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