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About Check for Errors

  • Use Check for Errors to inspect the integrity of a partition. If a check operation fails, "Check Failed" appears in the Used and Free columns in the partition list. You should fix any errors encountered. For more information, see Resolving Check Errors below. Check for Errors does not display information about the status and structure of a partition as does the DOS, Windows, and OS/2 CHKDSK utilities. To view such information, click Partition > Properties.

    Check Partition Results
    If errors are found (such as cross-linked files, lost clusters, or bad directory information on an NTFS or Linux Ext-2 volume) and PartitionMagic can fix it, you can click Fix in the dialog box.
    For each error found, Check for Errors displays a table with the following column headings:

    Column heading Description


     Describes the seriousness of the problem, which can be one of the following entries:

     1. Info - The information given is helpful, but not critical. Does not correspond to any error.

     2. Warning - The error may or may not cause problems.

    3. Error - A problem was encountered, but PartitionMagic may still be able to make changes to the partition. Run MS ScanDisk or CHKDSK to fix the error, or click Fix, if available.

     4. Critical - A catastrophic problem. PartitionMagic cannot make any changes to the partition.

    Fixed Shows a number corresponding to the error. For more information about error messages and solutions, you can visit Support on the PowerQuest web site and search on a particular error code.
    Description Gives a brief description of the problem.

    If no errors are found, an Info entry appears with "Check Complete" in the Description column.

    Resolving Check Errors
    PartitionMagic checks the integrity of a partition thoroughly before making changes to it. The Check and Info operations perform the same checks and display error messages when they discover problems. These checks are similar to those made by an operating system's CHKDSK, MS ScanDisk, or AUTOCHK utility.
    PartitionMagic also checks a partition after modifying it. If problems persist, you should report the problem to PowerQuest technical support.
    While data loss is possible, it is not typical. The problem is usually a minor file system error that CHKDSK /F /R (or MS ScanDisk, if you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98) can correct without data loss. For more extensive errors, you may need to restore your files from a backup copy.
    If you receive a Check error message on any partition, back up your hard disk and then run your operating system's CHKDSK program on that partition (do not use the /F switch on the initial run). If you have MS-DOS 6.x, Windows 95, or Windows 98, run MS ScanDisk. CHKDSK and MS ScanDisk typically discover the same problems as PartitionMagic (except that CHKDSK does not detect problems in Extended Attributes).
    If CHKDSK or MS ScanDisk does not show the same errors as the Check operation, contact PowerQuest technical support..

    If CHKDSK or MS ScanDisk and the Check operation detect the same errors, which is usually the case, run CHKDSK with the /F switch or run MS ScanDisk to fix the problems. Then run CHKDSK again without the /F switch to ensure that the partition is error free. Under OS/2, perform this procedure (running CHKDSK without /F) twice.
    When CHKDSK reports no errors on the partition, run the Check operation. If PartitionMagic still reports a problem, reformat the partition and restore your files from the backup copy.

    1. To check a partition for errors

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