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Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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Create New MiniTool Partition Wizard

  • Use the Create New MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you create a new primary partition or a logical partition within an extended partition. On a single hard disk, you can have up to four primary partitions, or three primary partitions and one extended partition. Within an extended partition, you can create unlimited additional subdivisions called logical partitions.
    You should be aware of the following considerations when creating a new partition:
    1. (Windows 9x and Windows Me only) Creating a new partition may cause your drive letters to change. For example, if you have one primary partition (C:) on your hard drive and a CD-ROM drive (D:), and you create a new logical partition on your hard drive, the new partition becomes D: and the CD-ROM drive changes to E: after you reboot your computer. As a result, any programs on your hard disk that were linked to the CD-ROM no longer function because the file paths have changed.
    PowerQuest recommends that you let DriveMapper automatically update your drive letter references, when prompted to do so. However, you can update drive letter references manually. For more information about changing drive letter references with DriveMapper, click See Also on the Help toolbar, then click Understanding Drive Letters.
    2. The file system you choose for the new partition will determine which operating systems can access the partition. The wizard dialogs will instruct you about the choices you make. For example, if you choose to create a FAT32 partition, the wizard will inform you that FAT32 partitions are used by Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP but that Windows 3.x and DOS cannot access them. Pay close attention to the information in the dialog boxes, or you may inadvertently make your data inaccessible.
    3. Before installing Windows NT, make sure that on the disk ends prior to cylinder 1024. Otherwise, Windows NT will not install and will report that all the partitions are corrupted. If you cannot resize and move all partitions, you must obtain updated drivers from Microsoft (see article ID: Q197667 on the Microsoft web site) before installing Windows NT.
    4. After you apply the changes from the wizard and reboot your computer, the operating system assigns the new partition a drive letter. You can then save data or an operating system to your new partition.
    If you created a new primary partition and plan to install an operating system on it, see the "Installing Another Operating System" task on the Action Panel.

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