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About Merge

  • You can use Merge to join two FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partitions that are adjacent to each other on a hard disk. This is useful if you have reached the maximum number of partitions on your disk, but you do not want to delete a partition. It is also useful if you want to combine FAT partitions and convert them to one large FAT32 or NTFS partition. There can be unallocated space between the two partitions you want to merge.
    Important: Merging partitions may take a long time (possibly hours), depending on the partition sizes and amount of data they contain. If you want to check whether your machine is still operating, you can press the NumLock key and see if the light toggles. It may take a few seconds to register activation of the NumLock key on your keyboard. If you plan to merge partitions, you may want to schedule it for a time when you will not need to use your system for an extended period of time. If you shut down or turn off your computer while PartitionMagic is still working, it will cause corruption to the file system, which will result in data loss. Do not shut down the system until after the operation is complete.

    You can merge left to right or right to left, with one exception. You cannot merge a primary partition at the beginning of your hard disk into a logical partition; however, you can merge a logical partition into a primary partition.
    Please note the following important points about Merge:

    1. You cannot merge a FAT/FAT32 partition with an NTFS partition.
    2. If you merge two partitions and then want them separate again, you can use the Split operation to "undo" the merge.
    3. Do not merge two operating system partitions.
    4. If you are using Windows NT 4.0, you should not merge two FAT partitions that will result in a FAT32 partition. Only Windows 95b or later, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP can access FAT32 partitions.
    4. If you plan to merge two adjacent NTFS partitions, they must be the same version type and have the same cluster size. If the cluster sizes are different, you will not be able to merge the partitions. See "Converting FAT/FAT32 Partitions to 4K Aligned" in the "About Convert Help topic.
    5. If you have one empty partition and one that contains data, it is better to delete the empty partition and resize the other one larger than it is to merge the two partitions.

    To merge a partition

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