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Working with Acronis DiskEditor

  • What is Acronis DiskEditor?
    Acronis DiskEditor is a quite professional program allowing to perform any actions on a hard disk having certain qualification: to restore boot records and files and folders structure, to find lost clusters, and even to remove computer viruses' code from a disk.

    Storing information on a hard disk
  • As you well know, a hard disk is a device for long-term information storage. From user's point of view information is just a set of documents.
  • Documents are stored on a hard disk as files of various types or formats - text files in popular MS Word format, tables in MS Excel format, databases, images in JPG or GIF formats, Internet HTML documents, music records in mp3 format, video records (AVI, MOV) and very many others.
  • Irrespective of type of information (or data) all files are stored on a hard disk as sequences of elementary information storage units chained between themselves called hard disk clusters.
  • A hard disk is a very effective device for storing information. Modern hard disks feature huge volumes of stored information, very high record density measured in Gb (gigabytes) or Mb (megabytes) per square inch, and very high access speed to stored information.
  • A hard disk is an extremely reliable device. It concerns all its parts, both mechanical, and electronic. one of its parameters - non-failure operating time - may make up 20000 to 500000 hours.

    It is easy to count that at continuous round-the-clock work of a hard disk for one year its operating time will make 8760 hours. Hence, the expected operating time of it makes 3-5 and more years. Certainly, the figures given are calculated or expected with some probability. The majority of hard disks is capable of working without failures to their very obsolescence.

    This does not mean, however, that storing information on hard disks is 100% error-free. Information on hard disks maybe threatened by a number of factors every user should be aware of.

    Information storage errors may be caused by various reasons: software errors (of operating system and applications), computer viruses, power supply failures. Each user knows at first hand that data files may accumulate mistakes, files may collapse, therefore applications may not be able to access them. One must pay a certain price for information processing efficiency with the help of a personal computer: to provide a computer with constant power supply, to provide an opportunity of backing up hard disk contents, to perform preventive maintenance of a disk regularly (to check it for file system errors and bad sectors, to defragment files and check for computer viruses).

  • Hard disks utility programs
  • There are program tools that allow a user to inspect various computer systems, including disk subsystem. Disk managers included in these tools, are capable of defragmenting hard disks, finding and correcting files and folders structure imperfections, as well as finding and marking bad sectors. Special utilities are capable of finding and destroying computer viruses that threaten your information integrity.
  • In some cases a user will require a much more powerful set of tools, known as a disk editor, to repair their hard disk drive. The Acronis DiskEditor is exactly the software for this job.
  • Acronis DiskEditor is a professional-grade program that performs a variety of actions on a hard disk: to restore boot records and files and folders struc-ture, to find lost clusters, remove computer virus code from a disk, and much more.
  • This program has much to offer a beginner as well. It can be used in an educational setting. It is one thing to read a few books about hard disk construction and data storage, and it's quite another to observe it yourself with the Acronis DiskEditor.

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