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Defragmenting a partition

  • Defragmentation is reorganizing file storage on a hard disk partition.

  • Defragmentation is the process of eliminating file fragmentation, which causes files to be spread across the disk after disk operations.

    File fragmentation significantly reduces PC and server performance, especially when intensive I/O operations are taking place. Conversely, file defragmentation can increase performance, as the read head has to move less across the disk to read all file parts.

    • Acronis Disk Director Suite supports defragmentation in Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server only. Windows 2000 has its own embedded Disk Defragmenter. To defragment a partition in Windows NT 4.0 and earlier Windows operating systems, it is recommended that you install a third-party disk defragmenter tool.

    To defragment a hard disk partition
    • Select a hard disk and partition to defragment in the Acronis Disk Director Suite main window.
    • Select Disk - Defragment or a similar item in the Operations sidebar list or by clicking Defragment on the toolbar.
    • By clicking OK in the Defragmentation window, you'll run partition defragmentation.
    • Defragmentation results are shown in the Defragment Partition window.