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A folder in DiskEditor main window

  • Let us now create a very simple file on the logical partition of our hard disk. It can be done with the help of Windows Notebook application. Name this file test.txt, fill it with a single word «test», and save it the partition root folder.

    Now run DiskEditor and mouse-click the partition in the partition selection window.

    DiskEditor will automatically position on the bootsector of this partition and the main window will open in the view as FAT32 bootsector mode by default.

    A bootsector of the logical partition is the sector with 2048319 absolute off-set (your values may be different). The File Allocation Table of the logical partition has is 1255 sectors long. 32 sectors are reserved so, 2048319 + 2 * 1255 + 32 = 2050861, i.e. the root folder is, most likely, located at sector 2050861.

    Select Go to sector… item in the Search menu (or press Alt+P key combination) and in the Absolute sector field of the Go to sector… dialog window enter 2050861 and click OK button.

    DiskEditor will position on the root folder area. Switch the main window to the view as FAT folder mode as shown below.