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Files with short names

  • As it was stated above, a file name and other attributes are registered in a folder record.

    A folder record has the following structure, or, in other words, main bytes of a folder record indicate the following values:
    Offset, Length, Purpose
    bytes bytes
    0 8 File name padded to 8 symbols
    8 3 File extension (type) padded to 3 symbols
    0Bh 1 File Attributes:
    Bit 0 - Read-Only (can't update or delete)
    Bit 1 - Hidden (H), hidden fileBit 2 - System (Sys), system file
    Bit 3 - Volume label
    Bit 4 - folder attribute (Directory Entry)
    Bit 5 - Archive (A), file was not archived
    0Ch - 15h 10 Reserved16h 2 Last changed (created) time:
    Bit 0-4 - pairs of seconds (0-29)
    Bit 5-10 - minutes (0-59)
    Bit 11-15 - hours (0-23)18h 2 Last changed (created) date:
    Bit 0-4 - day (0-31)
    Bit 5-8 - month (1-12)
    Bit 9-15 - year from 1980 ( 0-119 )
    1Ah 2 Primary cluster number
    1? 4 File size in bytes
    The figure above shows values already interpreted by DiskEditor program, these fields have the following values:
    Name File name
    Ext/Prefix File name extension or a number of a long name fragment
    A, D, V, S, H, R Represent Archive, Directory Entry Volume Label, System, Hidden, Read-Only file attributes
    Size/Crc Valid File size or a long name checksum
    Cluster Number of the first file cluster
    Time File creation time
    Create date File creation dateReserved Reserved field

    • Root folders in FAT16 file system had fixed sizes, locations, and contained limited number of elements. FAT32 represents root folders like usual (sub) folders by a cluster chain of any length. The number of entries in it - files and subfolders - is unlimited. The number of folder entries is unlimited as well, though it's indirectly limited by the maximal file (folder) name length counted off from the root folder.