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Create, delete and format partion with simple steps.
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Partition Operation Properties

  • Displaying operation results
    Results of any disk partition operation are immediately displayed in the Acronis Disk Director Suite main window.

    If you create a partition, it will be immediately shown in the hard disk partition list in the main window, as well as in graphical form on the bottom of the main windows.

    Any partition changes, including resizing, relocating and labeling are also immediately displayed in the main window.

    Pending operations
    All operations are pending until the user issues the command for the changes to be made permanent. Until then, Acronis Disk Director Suite will only show the new partition structure that is provided by operations to be performed.

    Therefore, you can view the graphical representation of the new partition structure first and then decide whether to perform or cancel specific operations.

    Viewing delayed operations
    All pending operations are added to the pending operations list. You can view it in the Pending Operations window by clicking Operations - Show.

    This organization enables you to control all planned operations, double check your intended work, and undo them fully or partially, if needed.

    Performing pending operations
    To execute planned hard disk operations, the user has to select one of the two following commands:
    • Select Operations -> Commit on the main menu
    • Click Commit Pending Operations toolbar button

    To prevent you from performing any unintentional change on your disk, the program will first display the list of all pending operations. Clicking Proceed will launch their execution. You will not be able to undo any actions or operations after you Proceed the operation.

    Modifying pending operations
    All of your actions result in the creation of pending operations. For example, you can Create a new partition by providing its type, file system, size, location and label. You can easily view the pending operation for the partition you are working on.

    You can always change any operation parameter, including type, files system, size, location, etc. before performing the operation. Using Change type , Convert , Move , Resize , and similar operations, you will also see that your actions do not result in creating new pending operations. These actions will only change the existing pending operation parameters.

    If you decide to change the label of a different, existing partition, Acronis Disk Director Suite will immediately create a new pending operation. Thus the same actions sometimes result in the creation of a new pending operation or modification of existing operations.

    Modifying pending operations
    Undoing user actions
    Calling wizards or dialog boxes for planning disk partition operations are user actions. User entries are necessary operation parameters on the wizard or dialog box pages.

    One user action in Acronis Disk Director Suite enables you to plan a list of partition operations, for example, calling a wizard for partition creation or resizing. (You can easily verify your actions by looking at the Pending Operations when the wizard finishes its work.)

    You can also create a partition by selecting Disk - Create Partition . This requires a list of actions to be performed (enter a label, select partition type, file system, size and location), resulting in the creation of a single partition create operation only.

    The difference between user actions and partition operations should be kept in mind if you wish to undo user actions.

    Any user action in Acronis Disk Director Suite can be undone or redone before committing the operation.

    To undo a user action:
    • Select Operations - Undo on the main menu (or press Ctrl+Z)
    • Click Undo Last Action toolbar button

    To redo a user action:
    • Select Operations - Redo on the main menu (or press Ctrl+Y)
    • Click Redo Last Action toolbar button

    As user actions result in creating pending partition operations, as mentioned above, undoing them results in canceling one or more partition operations. And conversely, redoing a user action results in the addition of one or more pending operations.

    Depending on the situation, undoing an action may cancel a pending operation or undo changes of an existing operation.

    Similarly, redoing an action might add a pending operation to the list again or redo a change of a pending operation parameter.

    • You can undo user actions one at a time or all at once by selecting Operations - Undo All . Similarly, you can redo user actions (along with the corresponding graphical representation of partition reconfiguration) one-by-one or all at once by selecting Operations - Redo All .

    Wizard operations
    Pending partition operations created by Acronis Disk Director Suite wizards differ in that a user must provide a list of operation parameters to perform them. Each parameter is entered on a separate wizard page.

    Entering operation parameters, you change wizard pages using Back and Next buttons until you reach the Preview page with the Finish button.

    On the Preview wizard page, you can click Back to return and change any operation parameters.

    After clicking Finish on the last wizard page:
    • The new partition structure is graphically represented in the Acronis Disk Director Suite main window
    • The wizard creates a list of pending operations; you can see it by selecting Operations - Show

    Remember that no actions are performed on your disks when the wizard finishes working! If you are sure that the new structure is suitable, select Operations - Commit or click Commit Pending operations . Wizard-created pending operations will then be performed at this time.

    Before you select Operations - Commit or click Commit Pending operations , you can undo your actions (calling a wizard) and wizard-created pending operations in the usual way (selecting Operations - Undo or pressing Ctrl+Z ) or clicking Undo Last Action .

    • Acronis Disk Director Suite shows the wizard and its results as a user action by creating the list of operations. Any pending actions can be fully undone by any of the mentioned methods, i.e. pressing Undo Last Action will undo a user action and all operations planned by the wizard.