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Extend partition with one step
Resize/Move partition without data loss.
Create, delete and format partion with simple steps.
Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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Calling Partition Operations

  • All partition operations in both modes are called and executed similarly.

    Calling the main operations
    Any partition operation can be launched:
    • By selecting it from the Disk submenu
    • From customizable toolbars
    • From the partition context menu (both in the main window and the graphical panel)
    • From Operations and Advanced sidebar lists

    • Note that the list of available operations in the Disk submenu and the Operations sidebar list depends on the selected partition type. This holds true for unallocated space as well.

    Advanced operations
    Advanced hard disk partition operations are:
    • Convert - convert the FAT16 partition file system to FAT32, Ext2 to Ext3, and vice versa
    • Hide/Unhide - hide/unhide a partition
    • Set Active - set an active partition
    • Resize Root - resize FAT16 partition root
    • Change Bytes per i-node - resize i-node table (Linux Ext2/Ext3)
    • Change Cluster Size - change FAT16/FAT32 partition cluster size
    • Change Type - change partition type
    • Recover - recovering deleted or damaged partitions
    • Edit - editing hard disk data

    Advanced partition operations are called from the Advanced sidebar list, the same partition context menu item or toolbar button.

    • Note that the additional operations list of the partition context menu or toolbar depends on the selection of a partition type. For example, the FAT16 partition menu contains Advanced - Resize Root ; this is absent in the FAT32 partition menu. The Linux Ext2/Ext3 partition context menu contains Advanced - Change Bytes per INODE , which is not found on the FAT menus.

    Invoking Acronis Disk Director Suite wizards
    Wizards are invoked from the Wizards submenu and the corresponding sidebar list. For example, select Wizards - Create Partition for the partition creation wizard.