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Connecting a hard disk to the computer

  • It is, certainly, better to master Acronis DiskEditor program not with your main hard disk. Connect to the computer any old hard disk of small capacity to experiment fearlessly with. Install this disk into the case of the personal computer and connect it to the power supply unit and the system board.

    Before installation and fastening a hard disk you must set a jumper on an electronic board of the disk or on a special socket to which power and data cables are connected. The jumper on the main hard disk of your personal computer is, most likely, set to Master position. You should set the jumper on an auxiliary disk to Slave position.

    The overwhelming majority of hard disks for in personal computers use the so-called IDE-interface. These disks are installed in the personal computer case to a compartment for devices with 3.5" form-factor (see: Appendix A. Hard disks ).
  • A standard power plug is connected to a hard disk along with 40-wire IDE data cable (its another end should be plugged to system board's Primary IDE socket; if there are hard disks on your computer already you should use another socket - Secondary IDE).

  • Note
    • There are also numerous models of hard disks with the so-called SCSI-interface. They are usually plugged to sockets on a special SCSI-controller board. The amount of different cables used to connect such disks is rather great. Such disk models will not be considered here, as the main purpose of the Help is to describe Acronis DiskEditor program (and file systems).
    • For more information about installing a hard disk into the personal computer case and its connecting see section Appendix A. Installing Hard Disks on Computers.