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Changing partition type

  • Each partition record includes the «partition type field». It is a hexadecimal value that defines the file and operating system suitable for a partition.

    • This hexadecimal value is optional, as some operating systems use it and some do not. In particular, Windows 95/98/Me only uses the «partition type» field when determining if it can support a partition.
  • Usually, partition type is set during its creation depending on the file system to be used. However, you might need to select the type manually. For example, if a partition is created without a file system or if a partition is meant for use with a specific OS, it must be assigned a corresponding type.

    To change partition type:
    • Select a disk and partition to change type from the list in the Acronis Disk Director Suite main window.
    • Select Disk - Advanced - Change type or a similar item in the Advanced sidebar list or by clicking Change type on the toolbar.
    • Select the necessary partition type in the Partition type window.
    • By clicking OK , you'll add the pending operation of partition type changing.


    • Changing partition type might prevent some operating systems from working with it, even if it is a compatible file system!
    • Changing partition type in Windows 95/98/Me can hide a partition and change the order of letters assigned to other partitions. As a result, some shortcuts might stop working.