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Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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Partition resize - Resize partition with the best free partition manager

  • Partition resize┬áis a process of dividing the storage space of a hard disk drive into separate data areas known as partitions. A partition editor program can be used to create, delete or modify these partitions. Once a disk is divided into several partitions, directories and files of different categories may be stored in different partitions. More partitions provide more control but too many may become cumbersome. The way space management, access permissions and directory searching are implemented depends upon the type of file system installed on a partition. Careful consideration of the size of the partition is necessary as the ability to change the size depends on the file system installed on the partition.

    Almost all partition programs will promise you that "The process of partition resize will not suffer any data loss". But it often results in the process taking a long time. Users often suffer from data loss due to the sudden stop of the partition resize process. You will find that the so-called "no data loss" is often not true.

    How to prevent data loss during partition resize process?

    Fortunately, MiniTool Partition Wizard, developed by MiniTool Solution, is able to solve this problem.

    On one hand, it improves the speed of partition management. Test shows that you can save as much as 80 % of time when using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    On the other hand, MiniTool Partition Wizard is always running an Enhanced Protecting Mode to ensure the safety of your data. This mode can prevent any data loss due to any reasons.

    Resize partition with the magic partition software - MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Here are the simple steps to resize partitions with MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    First, launch the software and you will see its user friendly interface.

    The property of each partition is clearly displayed.

    Second, select the partition you want to resize, then click the Move/Resize button or right click the selected partition and click Move/Resize. You will see a pop up window like below.

    Here we choose to resize partition O. From the picture above, we can see partition O is 80G, while partition C is less than 30G. At the same time, we find that this disk has a large amount of free space. With the increase of applications installed, it is necessary for us to enlarge the backup partition O and the system partition C

    Next, we will resize partition O with MiniTool Partition Wizard.

    Enlarge partition O from 80 G to 150 G. Enlarge the whole partition by 60 G. Resize the system partition C and enlarge the partition C:

    Lastly, apply changes, after that you will see:

    Now, partition O and C are resized just by a few simple steps. All these processes are carried out under Enhanced Data Protection Mode, so you never have to worry about any data loss. MiniTool Partition Wizard will ensure you the safety of your data.

    As a professional partition manager, Partition Wizard can save you as much as 80% of time in partition management tasks.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is available in the following editions.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.2 and MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 4.2 are two powerful free partition managers available for both home users and business users.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition 4.2 is much more powerful than other partition software in the same class, such as Paragon Partition Manager Server edition. MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is also available at a much lower price.

    With a price of $119, MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is an inexpensive and effective solution to server partition management

    As a partition manager with powerful functions and excellent performance, MiniTool Partition Wizard is available for you to download on the website: