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Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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Hard disk manager

  • In daily computer use, have you ever encountered the annoying problems that you can not store important data to the appointed disk partition and that the computer operates more and more slowly but you can't find the reason? As a matter of fact, maybe every user has come across these questions in the process of using computer. Checking hard disk, users will find these bothersome problems result from storage space shortage in hard disk in most cases. How to solve this problem? Experienced computer users may know the best way is to well manage hard disk frequently, making sure that hard disk operates under the best condition all the time. However, users may find it difficult to manage hard disk better in Windows operating systems because the built-in disk management tool can not realize many essential disk management functions such as Move Partition, Merge Partition, Wipe Partition, and Convert File System. But fortunately, with professional hard disk managers like MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can complete almost all desired hard disk management operation under Windows operating systems. For more detailed information, please visit the website

    Problems caused by unreasonable hard disk management
    In fact, hard disk management operation is not unfamiliar to many users. In the process of using computer, the common operation like Create Partition, Delete Partition and Format Partition all belongs to hard disk management operation. However, these kinds of basic hard disk management operation can not bring you great surprises. As time of using computer accumulates, many troublesome problems will take place all the same, such as the common problems that computer runs slowly, and that use ratio of disk space is low and that important data is lost. In addition, owing to unreasonable hard disk management, that hard disk partition can not be unfolded or that operating system fails to boot may frequently happen to users, nothing worse than this. Thus frequent good hard disk management operation is of great significance.

    How to use the hard disk manager MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard to manage hard disk?
    As mentioned above, better disk management is not limited to the common basic management work, and many functions that can not be realized with built-in disk management tool are also necessary. At this time, the hard disk manager, MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard, is our best choice. Install MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard and run it and we will see its user-friendly main interface.

    In the main interface of the hard disk manager, select any disk and all disk management functions will appear below the "Operations" column on the left. After selecting any partition, all partition management functions will appear at the same place. All of the functions make up the much comprehensive disk management performance of MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard. According to the practical requirements, this hard disk manager can help us achieve hard disk management perfectly.

    If you haven't found a good way to manage your hard disk, just download the hard disk manager, MiniTool MiniTool Partition Wizard. Due to its simple operation, comprehensive functions and extremely high security performance, it greatly facilitates our hard disk management operation.

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