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Hard disk copy

  • Hard disk copy is a piece of disk management work done to avoid the loss of important data stored on hard disk, and it copies current partition information and all hard disk files to another hard disk. Seeing here, many users may raise two questions: why hard disk copy is so similar to hard disk backup? Hard disk copy is hard disk backup, isn't it? Actually, to raise these questions is quite normal. Currently, many computer users think hard disk copy is hard disk backup. In fact, this is an extremely wrong point of view. Hard disk copy just duplicates hard disk partition information and hard disk files simply and the format of any file will not change, so we can upgrade these files at any time. When hard disk files are lost because of hard disk fault, we can use these copied files directly. Nevertheless, hard disk backup is much more complicated. To a certain extent, hard disk backup includes hard disk copy, but hard disk backup can be realized by using professional hard disk backup software, which is an extremely commonly seen method for backing up hard disk. And the hard disk files backed up by using professional hard disk backup software are saved in a very special file format. During the saving time, we can not upgrade these files. If we want to use these hard disk backup files normally, we must restore them to original format with the help of hard disk backup software. Therefore, hard disk copy is more suitable for those users who need to upgrade hard disk files frequently.

    How to copy hard disk?
    Actually, it is not difficult to copy hard disk. At present, there are many partition magic managers which are capable of copying hard disk. However, to find an excellent partition magic manager among numerous partition magic managers which have different disk management functions and competence is not easy. But fortunately, the emergence of Partition Manager Software, a website, has changed the situation. It has been collecting multiple excellent professional partition magic managers, including MiniTool Partition Wizard which has the function of copying hard disk. As long as we own such a kind of excellent partition magic manager which is capable of copying hard disk, we can copy hard disk much easily and safely to ensure data security better.

    Operations of copying hard disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard
    To copy the hard disk being used by using MiniTool Partition Wizard which has the function of copying hard disk, we must visit or the official website of MiniTool Partition Wizard to download this partition magic manager first, and then run it to enter its main interface:

    The above picture is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Here, select the hard disk which needs copying, and then a functional button "Copy" (Copy Disk) will appear on the tool bar. Click this button, and then we can perform hard disk copy according to detailed operation prompts.

    In the process of copying hard disk, if you meet any problem or want to know more detailed information about this partition magic manager, please visit its official website or the website of Partition Manager Software.

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