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Disk Director Move partition

  • Disk Director can move the partition forward or backward without data loss. Now we shall learn about how to move partition with Disk Director.

    Launch the software, and we shall see four partitions as the picture shows: C(FAT32 9.8GB)\H(NTFS 9.8GB)\E(NTFS 500MB)\G(NTFS 10.2GB).

    Move the partition G forwards by 9.5 GB.
    First, select partition G and right click to select Move in the pop up menu, users can also click the related shortcut button in the main interface.

    Second, you shall see the pop up window after the selection of first step:

    From the tip in the dialogue box, we can learn that: A target area should be needed to move the partition.

    Select the unallocated 9.568 G area and click next.

    From the above said picture, we can see the that the partition type can also be changed after the move of the entire partition. The partition can be set as primary or logical partition. Meanwhile, we can change the Unallocated space before and after.

    At last, resize the partition according to our needs and click OK.

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