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Disk Director create partition

  • Disk Director can create different types of partitions such as FAT16\FAT32\NTFS\Linux partition and so on. Here is a demo on how to create partition with Disk Director.

    Launch the software and we will see the five partitions are displayed in the main interface: C(FAT32 9.8GB)\H(NTFS 9.8GB)\E(NTFS 500MB)\D(FAT16 7.8MB)\G(NTFS 10.2GB).

    Now, create a partition in the Unallocated 9.56 G area.

    First, select this area and right click to select Create Partition in the right click menu. And you can also select the Create Partition on the left of the user interface.

    Second, click Create Partition and you will see the dialogue box like below:

    This dialogue box is to show the related information on the partition that we needs to create, we can input some information such as volume label, file system type, partition size, primary partition or logical partition.

    At last, select the needed options and click OK.

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