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PartitionMagic merge partition

  • PartitionMagic can merge two partitions together, at the same time, it shall keep the partition cluster size correspondent.

    Next, we shall show how to merge partitions with PartitionMagic.

    From the above picture, we can see there are three partitions on this disk, they are: C (FAT32)\D (NTFS)\E (NTFS), of which, the unallocated space after is 20 GB. Now, we would like to merge partition D and E together to be one partition.

    The first step is to select either partition D or E, here we select partition E and right click to select merge in the pop-up menu.

    After click Merge, and you will see the following windows.

    From the window, we can know the rules of merge selected partitions, and E partition is merged into the partition D as a folder. And the file folder is named E, then click OK and you will see the following dialogue box.

    From the above pop-up window, we can see the original NTFS partition with the cluster size of 512, but the cluster for the partition D is 4096, which is not correspondent with that of partition E, so the partitions can not be merged. So we must change the cluster size of the partition and make the two partitions have the same cluster size. According to the tips in the Window, we can select Partition > Advanced > Resize Clusters and change the cluster size to make them correspondent for partition merging.

    In the third step, we shall resize the cluster of partition D and the size shall change into 512 from 4096. similarly, do the same operation according to the tips: Partition > Advanced > Resize Clusters.

    In this way, the cluster size of the partition shall be changed from 4 into 512 K.
    The fourth step is to repeat the operation in the second step.

    This time, the system shall not come up with any error tip window. Click OK and you shall see from the user interface that, partition E has been merged into the partition D. And the size of partition D has changed from 10 GB into 10.5 GB.

    At last, click apply to apply all the operations.

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