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Create, delete and format partion with simple steps.
Copy partition and disk to transfer data with ease. Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB. Keep your data safe even in case of power outages or hardware failure.
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PartitionMagic create partition

  • PartitionMagic has the function to create partition, it can create FAT, NTFS and Linux partition. While creating partitions, you can directly define the drive letter, volume letter and the information of cluster size. The following is about how to create partition with PartitionManager.

    From the above figure we can go to, the disk has three partitions, namely C (FAT32) \ D (NTFS) \ E (NTFS), one behind the idle partition size of 20GB, is now free to create partition an NTFS partition, a FAT32 partition, then demonstrate how to use PartitionMagic to create a partition.

    First step in the regional part of the mouse to select the disk is idle, the right mouse button pop-up menu, select Create:

    The second step, after you click Create to create the following window will pop up:

    From this window we can see the following information:
    Create partition logical relations (primary partitions or logical partition)
    Create partition disk symbol
    Partition type (FAT, NTFS or Linux)
    The definition of partition volume label
    The size of the development of sub -
    Specify the partition cluster size
    Partitions created position (partitions created in the spare disk partition, or the top of the final surface)

    The third step is to be developed according to their own requirements to create the partition size, letter and other information:

    According to their own requirements Oumen now to create a primary partition, disk symbol F, partition type is FAT32, volume for the New, partition size is 502M, click OK to create this step can be added to the application.

    The fourth step click the OK button has been determined, we can see that the partition has been created, and the task in the process has been added to the operational task, from the partition column display bar can also see that the partition is displayed, and now only need to implementation of the application click on Yes, one can then generate the new partition.

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