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Magic partition Windows 7

  • Since demands for partition management are increasing constantly, Windows 7 built-in disk management tool can not meet actual demands. Under this situation, how to manage partition in Windows 7 better? Experienced users first think of using powerful partition magic, which is indeed a good method. Nevertheless, much excellent partition magic can not be compatible with Windows 7 since they are not updated. Though some partition magic supports Windows 7, most of them have defects. Partition magic with defects may result in partition management failure or even serious data loss. Therefore, to help users manage partition in Windows 7 more quickly and safely, we recommend some excellent partition magic, and partition magic Windows 7 is strongly recommended.

    How to manage partition by using partition magic Windows 7?
    When visiting our website, users will find multiple pieces of excellent partition magic. However, if users want to complete Windows 7 partition management better, we suggest choosing partition magic Windows 7. It perfectly supports Windows 7 and owns quite powerful functions as well as extremely high security. To be specific, partition magic Windows 7 can help accomplish all commonly seen Windows 7 partition management without data loss, such as move/resize partition, extend partition, merge partitions, split partition, copy partition, hide/unhide partition, change cluster size, and convert file system. Here, we just take hiding Windows 7 partition for example to show how to operate this professional partition magic Windows 7.

    After running partition magic Windows 7 successfully, we can see its main interface where information about disk and partition is shown. To hide partition in Windows 7, we need to select the partition which needs hiding and choose the function "Hide Partition":

    After clicking this function, we will find drive letter of selected partition disappeared, and partition state becomes "Hidden". That is to say selected partition has been hidden. Nevertheless, this is just a preview effect partition magic Windows 7 provides. If we want to apply the preview effect to computer, we need to click "Apply" button:

    When all operations are performed, partition magic Windows 7 helps us hide partition successfully.

    Before clicking the functional button "Apply", careful users may find the function "Unhide Partition" which is used to make hidden partition displayed. As long as users select this function and appoint a drive letter for hidden partition, hidden partition can be seen in Windows 7 again.
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