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Hard disk fix

  • In the process of using computer, it is difficult to avoid accidents which will lead to hard disk fault. At this time, we will consider hard disk fixing. To fix hard disk, we should know what fault the hard disk has first, and then take corresponding measures, getting the best hard disk fixing effect. Generally, hard disk fault is divided into 2 categories, namely physical fault and logical fault. For physical fault, we have to resort to manufacturer or hard disk fixing center. And logical fault refers to hard disk error caused by non-hardware fault. When logical fault emerges, there are many ways to fix hard disk. However, we should obey the principle that under different situations we should employ different methods, choosing the most suitable way to fix hard disk.

    The partition magic manager MiniTool Partition Wizard helps you solve problems of hard disk.
    When using computer, we often meet the situation where a dialogue box which prompts that disk can not be read or written data in pops up in the process of accessing files, which may be caused by bad track which is divided into physical bad track and logical bad track. Physical bad track is hard disk scratch resulting from improper hard disk protection, thus damaging disk track. As a result, data can not be read and hard disk damage even happens. Since this kind of damage is real physical medium damage, we can not use hard disk normally unless we ask manufacturer for help to shield bad track by using professional software.

    Generally, when virus attack or mistaken operation results in disk track unidentifiability, we say disk bad track happens, and bad track caused by this kind of factor is called logical bad track. It is worth noting that logical bad track does not bring real harm to hard disk. Under this situation, we can try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to scan bad track.

    If the hard disk has bad tracks, they will be displayed in red. Then, we can format and repartition the hard disk with the partition magic manager MiniTool Partition Wizard, thus solving this problem.

    In the process of using computer, partition space insufficiency is a commonly seen problem. When encountering this problem, we can solve it by deleting partition to recreate desired partition. However, this method may make all data lost. At this time, MiniTool Partition Wizard can help us again, because this partition magic manager can resize partition or merge partition without damaging data.

    This is the main interface of this partition magic manager. Here, we can click "Move/Resize" to resize partition without data damage and click "Merge" functional button to merge partition without damaging data. When partition is lost, what should we do? We can also resort to MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover lost partition or deleted partition.

    In its main interface, select the option "Partition Recovery Wizard" from the left tool bar to recover partition. As long as we operate according to system prompt, we can recover partition much easily.

    Moreover, MiniTool Partition Wizard has many other powerful and utility functions which can help us solve most hard disk problems caused by logical fault. Do you want to own this partition magic manager? Do you want to know more details? Hurry to visit the website There, you can free download this partition magic manager and know more information about it.
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